However it doesn’t last long as it suddenly got disconnected no net access. It makes a dual boot menu so that you can choose windows 7 or Ubuntu from boot up. Can anyone help with my problem here? Section 4 has instructions for dis-assembly. Can’t remember though if I ran the automatic update first drivers, apps etc.. To join the discussion, please login or register.

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It couldn’t detect any wireless network. I couldn’t use the fan since there’s no space for it at the moment, so I’m xdapter this laptop on a table, not forgetting that the laptop is quite dusty. Thanks for the Ubuntu, but sadly it didn’t work.

Don’t you need VAP for function keys to work properly? You are lucky I know where things are. The adxpter I run the setup, nothing happened. However I am sure enough toshiba satellite l650 network adapter nothing is wrong with the VAP.

Today morning, the orange light suddenly turned on, and broadcom wlan is listed on network adapter.

Regarding that ubuntu thingie, i am quite unfamiliar with these. I used to think that it’s caused by overheating, but apparently I don’t think it’s the toshiba satellite l650 network adapter anymore as my laptop is totally cold right now This problem satellige time happened a year toshiba satellite l650 network adapter, but never pop up again until this year.


If installing windows was like installing Ubuntu no-one would have any problems. I can’t install it, nor I can’t do a single thing about it. Results 1 to 12 of To join the discussion, please login or register. I’m guessing that’s not been any help when running that. Either 1 or 2 will do the job. I’ve been trying for three days straight and still unable to find a solution.

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Yes over-heating could damage any of the components including the WLAN and permanently burn-out the chip or make it only work intermittently when it is cold or warm but not hot. No mess no fuss. The key itself is no doubt a software implementation, even if the setting is toshiba satellite l650 network adapter hardware. Normally it’s just reseting Network Adapter and it’s all fixed.

And when this light is turned off, I’m unable to enable it, as there’s no WLAN driver on my computer Heck, how does the light turn on?! My initial installation was 18GB but you can go for smaller if you want.

I have the same laptop and when through the same process and will use the same solution. How did I connect into wireless all this time?! The troubleshoot currently only ask me to connect with ethernet cable and yes. Welcome to the Toshiba Support Forum, networl for customers and enthusiasts to share knowledge, solve problems toshiba satellite l650 network adapter discuss technology.


toshiba satellite l650 network adapter I don’t think you will, unless you want to play with Ubuntu. Just go for recommended settings. However it doesn’t last long as it suddenly got disconnected no net access. Even if it works, it would connect to the Network only for about 5 minutes or so, and after that, the connection sdapter go “Unable to connect” Now today 1. Once again, badhat, thanks for the response. The application installer toshibx an icon half way down on the left hand side in case you need to install anything additonal.

I would not advise to take apart your otherwise working laptop unless you are very experienced as you can easily damage something else, even through just touching with static electricity. I have to say Ll650 have reinstalled successfully the driver 2 years ago, but now, no luck.

It’s probably hardware in yours.