Is storage hunters real

is storage hunters real

' Storage Wars' Star Claims Show Is Fake After He's Fired may begin to bring similar shows under scrutiny including Spike's "Auction Hunters. Storage Hunters is a reality show about people that bid on abandoned . so I really hope that these people are not as stupid as they appear here in real life!. Found this anomaly whilst watching Storage Hunters S01E The rules clearly state no going into the storage. After reading many comments about show this is the first accurate and true statement i have encountered. Well, we watch this stuff and gradually it has dawned on us that, like Santa Claus, this may not be quite real … pity because it is quite fun. The interaction between the principals is such poor acting. Contact Contact Us Support Suggestion Center Investors BID. I think what makes the "Storage Wars" type of shows successful is the fact that something of value could be found. Myself, I think they need to be brought down a few notches. Are you curious about the real America, not the cheap product you see on TV? Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. July 8, at 9: I know it's fake, but for some reason I'm still keen to see what is inside the storage unit March 19, at 6: NEWS Top News Movie News TV News Celebrity News Indie News COMMUNITY Contributor Zone Polls. It's like auction magic! Audible Download Audio Books. July 8, at 9: They all hate each other for no discernible reason. Oh do come on guys. Page 1 of 2: is storage hunters real Newbies are trying to make a living too!!!! Wrong - there is a diamond-encrusted collar in a tiny box under a bag of kibbles. April 20, at I'm not big into reality shows, but I have seen a few episodes of it; I mainly watched it for Barry Weiss. I completely ignore the fact that someone totally just walked in with a crossbow that was used to assassinate a 14th century king while he took a shit.

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The Untold Truth Of Storage Wars April 5, at 5: People need to stop watching this crap creating a demand for it. That's how little anyone on this show Heck, the Baggage hunters show has at least one likable set of participants. I watched a few episodes of storage hunters and found myself hating everyone that appears on the gute minispiele I understand that these shows are not legitimate so I really hope that these people are not as stupid as they appear here in real life! Avoid putting spoilers in post titles, title spoilers for recently broadcast programmes may be deleted. To the producers I raise my middle finger.