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This is not a sales site, we try to stay as unbiased as possible here.   If you have a question about Magnotherapy that is not answered here, email us and we’ll send you an answer and include it on the site

This site is a resource site for anyone interested in Magnotherapy or in Magnetic Conditioning for fuel economy, limescale reduction, horticulture and agriculture.   It has been hosted on AOL for the last 10 years but now has its own domain.

It is deliberately non partisan, so you can send anyone here without worrying about sales hype, and refers to magnotherapy and magnetic treatments in general.

You will see from the menu on the left there are sections on using magnets to treat blood and body tissue, liquid and gas fuels, greenhouse gases and global warming, 'hard' limescale-bearing water, irrigation water, drinking water, and bacterial growth and biofilms.

There are sections on what the sceptics say, annotated with our comments, and what the experts say.  

There is a demonstration of magnotherapy in action using thermal camera sequences.

There are links to video testimonials, news reports, and 'experts'

And there are references to studies, abstracts of studies and links to sites of possible interest.

If you are new to magnetic treatments and would like to see some fairly typical magnetic products, try this distributor  Sales Site, or any other from our Links page.

There is an email group at  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/magnotherapy/

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Glossary of terms used
We have used Magnotherapy to describe the use of magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes, but there are many other terms used.
Magnetotherapy has been used in translations of Eastern European studies.
Magnetic Field Therapy, Magnetic Therapy and Magnet Therapy are American variations.
Bioelectromagnetics is the study of the effects of magnetic and electric fields on the body tissues
Magnetohydrodynamics is the study of fluid flows through magnetic fields.   

The logo at the top is a representation of the Earth's magnetic field.   The magnetic field lines are blue as they emerge from the Earth's magnetic North pole and turn to yellow as they re-enter the Earth's magnetic South pole.   The lines at the centre are within the earth and show how the magnetic fields swirl and twist inside the Earth.   Magnetic fields and polar configurations are not as simple as some 'experts' suggest.

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